Medir has an explosion-proof 3D scanner. This system is used in ATEX zones. Measurements can be carried out with this system without a hot work permit being required.

The EX 3D scanner of Medir is used, inter alia, for:

• Inspecting a hold for damages
• The measuring of a machine room for BWTS retrofits
• Scanning of a chemical plant

The system creates a point cloud (STL file) that can be converted to a variety of CAD files for further processing.


The Z+F IMAGER 5006EX is the only explosion-proof 3D scanner on the market. The ATEX-certified system works completely standalone by means of the integrated PC. It is also possible to operate the 3D scanner via WLAN.

Because the batteries can be swapped within the ATEX zone, the measurement process is fast and accurate.

ATEX inspection: ATEX 94/9/EG, class I and II

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