John de Jong started the company Rentallaser International B.V. in the shed at his home in 2006. The core business of Rentallaser was the rental of equipment for shaft alignment of motors, pumps, compressors, generators and gearboxes in both the industry and maritime navigation. Experienced engineers could also take care of this work for customers.

Fixturlaser systems were sold in addition. Innovative, user-friendly equipment for shaft alignment. With the establishment of Fixturlaser Benelux B.V., John became an importer and he was also responsible for sales in the Benelux.

The developments in the field of 3D measurement and scanning were also followed closely. This resulted in another sport branch. A wide range of solutions and services were offered using high-end 3D measurement and 3D scanning equipment under the names 3DWorks Marine & Offshore and 3DWorks Industry. 3DWorks was not only active in the steel and mechanical engineering industry, but also in automotive, maritime navigation and even the arts sector. 3DWorks offered an adequate solution for each measurement problem.

The individual companies expanded during a period of ten years, but also converged increasingly towards one another. That called for improved efficiency. And consequently Rentallaser, Fixturlaser and 3DWorks will continue under one name as from 1 January 2017: Medir International BV.