Belzona 7111

Belzona 7111 Industrial Grade is specially designed to absorb physical and thermal shocks in industrial environments. The cost-effective material can be applied evenly over irregular surfaces.

Belzona 7111 Industrial Grade offers high pressure, impact and vibration resistance and is castable.

Dempt trilling en geluid

Belzona 7111 Industrial Grade is ideal for the repair of damaged foundations. The precise alignment under machines is permanently supported.

In addition to damping vibration and noise, Belzona 7111 Industrial Grade prevents the loosening of threaded bolts.

Toepassingen Belzona 7111 Industrial Grade

Belzona 7111 Industrial Grade can be applied to, among others:

pumps – generators – steam and gas turbines – basic wind turbine – compressors – blowers – motors – crane rails – lathes etc.

Technische specificaties
Key technical data:
Cure Time 60°F/15°C – 48 hours
68°F/20°C – 24 hours
86°F/30°C – 12 hours
Volume Capacity (6.95kg) 4360 (266 per 6.95kg unit 
Gel Time 45 minutes (68°F/20°C)
Shelf Life 3 years when stored between 32°F/0°C  and 86°F/30°C
Compressive Strength (ASTM D695) 14930 psi / 102.9 MPa
Tensile Strength (ASTM D638) 6410 psi / 44.2 MPa