Wind Energy

  • 3D geometric measurement before and during installation
  • 3D geometric control measurements during maintenance
  • 3D scanning of parts e.g. rotor blades
  • Align links
  • Measuring straightness, flatness and leveling
  • Vibration measurement and analysis
  • Intershim® (custom) shims
  • Vibracon® adjustable elements
  • Reverse engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Endoscopes/Videoscopes

Gearbox alignment

Correct alignment of the gearbox ensures a longer life and higher energy yield.

Medir rents and sells Fixturlaser shaft alignment equipment for gear unit alignment.

Would you rather outsource the alignment? Medir International has an experienced service team to perform the measurement for you.

Checking dimensions and geometry

Medir International B.V. has various 3D measuring and 3D scanning equipment for mapping out dimensions.

You can think of the 3D measuring of monopiles to check the flatness and parallelism of flanges or out of roundness.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fixturlaser NXA vlakheid
Fixturlaser trillingsmeetapparatuur

Condition Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance is becoming an increasingly important task for the maintenance manager. Medir International offers equipment for determining the condition of rotating equipment.

This equipment is very user-friendly and can be rented or bought. Would you rather outsource the measurement? Medir International has a team of experienced engineers.