The 3D scanning of art objects can be done in the Medir measurement center, in the museum or in the studio. This form of digitizing art is increasingly taking place.
These types of scans are regularly made for various reasons. Usually because of recording the situation before and after a restoration, for insurance or to reproduce the object with a 3d printer.



3D scanning is widely used within the art world. Medir International has accurate measuring equipment so that you are assured of a correct 3D model. In the event of damage to a work of art, a 3D scan will assist in restoring the object.

The damaged artwork is scanned in 3D. Then, with the help of the computer, it can be seen in which way the work can best be restored. If an attempt in the computer model does not yield the desired result, the changes can be discarded to start over.

Digitally immortalized in 3D

Artworks are valuable objects. They can be of great value both financially and emotionally. Using a 3D scan, an art object is digitally immortalized in 3D. Medir International has already scanned many valuable or vulnerable works of art, so that a replica can be made if it goes missing.

A 3D scan of a work of art is also regularly used for digital presentation. Think of the possibilities for museums to allow visitors to walk around a work of art from a distance. 3D scans are rendered for a faithful representation of the original object.