CNC Machine Tools

For production companies, Medir International offers various products and services for, among other things:

  • Measuring equipment for checking the geometry of CNC machines
  • Measuring work when installing CNC machines
  • Quality control of products made
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MEAX measuring equipment

Correct geometric status of CNC machines ensures a smoother production process and higher product quality. With MEAX measuring equipment, CNC lathes and milling machines can be measured on (among other things)

  • Straightness of guides
  • Pitch & roll of guides squareness
  • Spindle direction
  • Spindle alignment

3D scanners and probes

The quality of products is checked using 3D scanners and probes. Medir has various scanners for different applications. Your object is scanned and then compared with a 3D drawing. The deviations are immediately visible from the elevation map.