• 3D geometric measurement of installations and piping
  • 3D scanning (also EX) of machines, installations, piping, constructions and buildings
  • 3D scanning of parts e.g. pump housings, impellers
  • Alignment of couplings and cardan shafts
  • Measuring straightness, flatness and leveling
  • Measuring parallelism of rolls
  • Vibration measurement and analysis
  • Intershim® (custom) shims
  • Vibracon® adjustable elements
  • Reverse engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Endoscopes/Videoscopes

Mechanical engineering

High measurement accuracy has always been very important in mechanical engineering. Tolerances are getting tighter to increase tool life and lifespan, among other things. During production, installation and maintenance, Medir International can help provide the right measurement systems and services.

Available 24/7 worldwide

In some cases it is necessary to perform a measurement within a short period of time. Medir International’s service team is available 24/7 worldwide.