Reverse Engineering

  • 3D scanning of parts, workpieces and sometimes complete machines
  • Producing a drawing in any desired file format
The ZEISS COMET L3D 2 - the right sensor for every application: adjust the measuring field quickly by just changing the lens

3D scanning

When 3D scanning offers possibilities, the technology is used within various branches in the industry. Think of:

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Shipping
  • Chemistry
  • Machine construction

Thanks to the spacious 3D scanners, Medir is able to digitize every object at a high level.

3D CAD model or working drawing

After a 3D scan it is possible to reverse engineer the scanned object. A physical object is scanned in and the data is processed into a 3D CAD model or working drawing. This is a technique that is applied when no drawing of a part is (anymore) available.