ONEPROD EAGLE is a semi-online wireless monitoring system for critical rotating machines. Automatically measures vibrations in 3 directions, as well as bearing temperature. The measurement performance makes EAGLE the best wireless diagnostic solution on the market for vibration analysis.

Easy to install

It is now possible to improve the reliability of inaccessible, mobile or isolated factory machinery, reducing installation costs in harsh environments or remote locations. The EAGLE is a wireless sensor with its own power supply. The wireless gateway can be installed up to 100 meters from the sensor and the distance can be increased with wireless extensions. The wireless transmission of the vibration data to the analysis software is performed with high security. EAGLE is quick and easy to install

Tough environments

The EAGLE solution is designed to meet the demands of the industry. The EAGLE sensor and Expander are both certified for Zone 0 explosive areas (Class I, Div II). The stainless steel housing with low thermal spread ensures safe use. IP67, EAGLE can withstand corrosive environments. Wireless and automatic, EAGLE eliminates cables and manual inspections when conditions do not permit.

Efficient analyses

ONEPROD has invested all its experience in condition monitoring in EAGLE to enable wireless monitoring of the most complex machines. Operating conditions of the machines are taken into account and sent automatically. This makes the diagnoses even more relevant and the analyzes more efficient:

  • Measurements can be easily converted into trends and compared over time with each operating condition.
  • No false alarms: Thresholds are adjusted for each operating condition, enabling accurate machine error detection on complex machines.

Temporary monitoring

Depending on the conditional monitoring strategy, many machines can be monitored using a portable data collector, with vibration measurements taken manually at scheduled intervals. EAGLE is easy to install, but also easy to move: once a fault has been identified on a critical machine, you can now move EAGLE sensors to monitor machine status at much shorter intervals (e.g. every hour) and to detect unexpected changes. to prevent malfunctions. Improve overall process performance and schedule maintenance work only when necessary.

Easy maintenance

EAGLE’s performance is optimized for long-term services with low maintenance costs. The EAGLE battery guarantees up to 5 years of operation by performing a full diagnostic measurement per day, with no external power supply or maintenance required. For critical machines and applying a maximum monitoring strategy with frequent alarm monitoring and high quality data storage (Overals, Real-time waveform, FFT, Envelope), EAGLE also guarantees a 2 year useful life. In addition, the simple battery cartridge allows the user to make the change on site with the greatest of ease.