The result of 30 years of experience in condition monitoring of rotating machines. FALCON is an innovative vibration measurement and analysis tool that makes condition-based maintenance available to all users.


The FALCON solution combines innovative functions that have never been seen together in one device.

  • the triaxial wireless sensor transmits synchronous vibration measurements in all directions.
  • ingebouwde stroboscooplamp voor het meten van rotatiesnelheid.
  • built-in strobe lamp for measuring rotational speed.
  • built-in camera to identify the machine, position the sensor and illustrate the report.
  • built-in Accurex™ automatic diagnosis.
  • 4 analog channels for synchronized measurements on top of the trigger input.

Productivity measurement

The tri-axial wireless sensor and real-time processing capabilities dramatically reduce the time of vibration measurements: 8 seconds per bearing to measure the X,Y and Z directions with the highest quality vibration data configuration. Using the photos, identifying the machine has never been easier: the user navigates on the color touchscreen from the full view of the plant to the photo of the sensor position on the machine.

Falcon minimizes the time and costs required for field interventions. The usefulness of FALCON stands out when installed in a plant.

Reliable by design

FALCON is designed for industrial use without compromise in the harshest environments:

  • ATEX Zone 2
  • IP65
  • withstands a fall height of 1m20

The FALCON has a wide colored touch screen that can be used even with safety gloves, with a rubber grip for easy handling and is shock resistant. The lack of a cable allows the operator to work safely within a radius of 10 to 20 meters between the wireless sensor and the equipment. Measurements can be made within protected structures or through a door. The user no longer needs to be near the machine in a hot environment.


Unparalleled communication

FALCON includes all communication modes:

  • wireless WiFi communication with the tri-axial vibration sensor.
  • upload/download data via USB, Ethernet, Internet and WiFi.
  • remote route exchange via email.
  • Cloud access to the hosted platform ONEPROD.

FALCON sends collected data and the vibration analysis tools data to the conditional maintenance platform equipped with the powerful NEST software, so that the data is automatically stored, analyzed and published in reports.

Suitcase contents
  • Suitcase
  • A built-in rechargeable battery
  • A power supply unit: 110/220 V 50/60 Hz
  • 1 voltage input cable
  • Safety vest
  • USB cables
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual on CD
  • Safety Instructions
  • 1 screen porter
  • FALCON WLS wireless triaxial sensor kit

Technical specifications