Fixturlaser Bearing Defender

With the Fixturlaser Bearing Defender you can easily measure bearing condition using a tri-axial vibration sensor and an app on iOS or Android device.

Due to the simple operation of the system, measurements can be carried out by anyone.

Intuitive software

With the free Fixturlaser Bearing Defender software (download from the App Store or Play Store), measurements are taken and stored.

Three indicators show the direction in which a bearing problem can be sought: misalignment/imbalance, bearing damage or other mechanical problems. In addition to these indicators, overall values are displayed.
Because the vibration sensor measures in three directions simultaneously, only one measurement needs to be taken for a complete picture of the bearing.

The measurement results can be saved as an image.

Fixturlaser Bearing Defender
Tri-axiale sensor

The sensor of the Fixturlaser Bearing Defender measures in 3 directions simultaneously. This means that only one measuring point needs to be taken per bearing for a complete picture of the condition.

The built-in bearing database immediately shows whether peaks in the spectrum correspond to bearing frequencies.

The Fixturlaser Bearing Defender can be extended to Fixturlaser Machine Defender.

Case contents

1 pcs Fixturlaser WLS sensor

1 pcs USB Cable for the wireless sensor (power supply,firmware update)

6 pcs adapter, 1 pcs Fixturlaser SMC power supply

1 pcs Wireless sensor power supply

1 pcs Universal tool

Technical specifications
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