ACOEM NESTi4.0 software

ONEPROD NEST is a predictive maintenance software package that lets you know if maintenance actions need to be scheduled, based on monitoring the health status of rotating equipment. Relying on unique know-how, more than 30 years of experience in vibration analysis, with wireless data collection sensors and artificial intelligence systems such as Accurex ™ to process this data, the user is fully supported in carrying out their daily tasks.

Easy access to Big Data

Are you looking for predictive maintenance information that is clear, concise and easy to understand? The ONEPROD NEST software offers just that, for everyone involved in keeping industrial machinery up and running. It is intuitive and visual, and allows everyone involved in the team to consult the health status of the equipment, regardless of the function and knowledge of everyone on the subject. Reports are accessible anytime, anywhere with a classic internet connection

Accompanying analysis

ONEPROD NEST is the most productive vibration analysis software on the market. In addition to a full suite of conventional analysis tools, users are literally guided through the analysis process thanks to innovative tools such as: the Health Matrix display, the bearing Defect Factor™, Shock Finder™ slow-axis technology, the HarmoniX™ quantifier and the Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence engine . The analysis module also offers powerful functions for the most demanding users, such as the merged spectrum display and possibilities to post-process and repeat used data.

Intuitive machine settings

With the machine configuration module, any maintenance worker can easily set up a vibration measurement. The machine is easily assembled by a drag and drop tool. By filling in the kinematic information of the machine (energy, rotational speed,…), the information used in the diagnosis system of the FALCON portable data collector can be generated automatically. For any other machine, the only extra step is to select one of the measurement point templates provided by the device. In a fraction, hundreds of diagnostic parameters are created that provide a reliable and efficient picture of the critical parts. No vibration engineering knowledge is required.

Follow-up from distance

Today with challenging work environments and increasing cost-reducing goals, the ease of obtaining information becomes crucial in the decisions on the maintenance process. With the NEST Dashboard interface, all machine parts can be monitored remotely via one interface for data coming from 1 or more locations and from different data sources: portable, wireless or real time monitoring systems. The NEST Dashboard is ideal for a centralized diagnostic platform, fully compliant with the latest IT cybersecurity standards and giving you easy machine status through any mobile support.

Suitcase contents
  • High Impact Plastic koffer
  • Detector M7, 30mm unit CCD 2nd generation met ingebouwde Bluetooth
  • Detector S7, 30mm unit CCD 2nd generation met ingebouwde Bluetooth
  • ACOEM Fixturlaser Probe
  • ACOEM Fixturlaser WLS – draadloze tri-axiale trillingssensor
  • 2x Voor gemonteerde V-beugel met spanketting en 150mm stang
  • 2x Verlengketting
  • 1x Blok magneet
  • 1x Verzetbeugel
  • 2x Platte V-magneet
  • 1x Complee laadsysteem
  • 2x Rod tool

Technical specifications