ACOEM Fixturlaser RT-300

The ACOEM Fixturlaser RT-300 offers security in every area. The system has two measuring heads for shaft alignment, a measurement probe for measurements such as run-out, bearing clearance and softfoot and a tri-axial vibration sensor for diagnosis of rotating equipment.

The ACOEM Fixturlaser RT-300 is a trouble shooter, but also the perfect system to record the technical status of rotating equipment.



With the ACOEM Fixturlaser RT-300, the steps in the process of forward alignment are done accurately and faster than ever. In addition, all results are recorded.

The software has measurement programs for measuring run-out, bearing clearance and softfoot.

Shaft alignment

The ACOEM Fixturlaser RT-300 has two measuring heads with 30mm CCD detectors.

The system has apps for aligning both horizontal and vertical setups. The software is developed based on the user-friendliness that Fixturlaser is known for.

Machine diagnosis

With the RT-300’s wireless, tri-axial vibration sensor, a complete setup is measured. The Accurex software analyzes these vibration values and provides a diagnosis of the machine.

The ACOEM Fixturlaser RT-300 recognizes problems such as: imbalance, alignment error, bearing damage, structural resonance, pump cavitation and more.


Always up-to-date data, wherever you are? With the ACOEM Cloud it is possible!

The measured values are sent wirelessly from the ACOEM Fixturlaser RT-300 to the ACOEM Cloud. From this web application you can make well-founded decisions about the maintenance of your machinery.

Suitcase contents
  • High Impact Plastic koffer
  • Detector M7, 30mm unit CCD 2nd generation met ingebouwde Bluetooth
  • Detector S7, 30mm unit CCD 2nd generation met ingebouwde Bluetooth
  • ACOEM Fixturlaser Probe
  • ACOEM Fixturlaser WLS – draadloze tri-axiale trillingssensor
  • 2x Voor gemonteerde V-beugel met spanketting en 150mm stang
  • 2x Verlengketting
  • 1x Blok magneet
  • 1x Verzetbeugel
  • 2x Platte V-magneet
  • 1x Complee laadsysteem
  • 2x Rod tool

Technical specifications