The ACOEM MVX / MV-120 ONEPROD MVX is a multi-channel real-time monitoring system that allows early detection of failures, thus providing peace of mind for industrial operators.

Slow axes

Predictive maintenance on low-speed machines is more complex to perform. Higher resolution data and advanced vibration analysis tools are needed. The MVX / MV-120 offers the perfect solution

  • Synchronous recording of various slow shaft rotations (<10 RPM) can be performed with up to 32 channels, improving bearing damage detection with both high and low frequency content analysis.
  • Shocks from low-speed parts are hidden between intense vibration signals and thus difficult to detect. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm ACOEM Shock Finder ™ shock detection is automatic and gives an early indication of a malfunction.
  • All necessary analysis tools are available. All post-process indicators can generate trends and help predict the evolution of the plant’s condition.

Real-time monitoring

Condition monitoring expects machines to be measured at regular intervals using variable vibration indicators. The ACOEM MVX / MV-120 goes one step further by enabling real-time tracking of the indicators, ensuring that:

  • No monitoring event is missed
  • Permanent reactivity: the smallest anomaly is detected in real time
  • Able to detect spurious and transient events
  • Pre-trigger functions that display the raw signal immediately before the event


The MVX system can be shipped in a case with BNC connectors for 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels to meet a temporary monitoring need:

  • rugged IP54 design, with a built-in fan system and UPS
  • place to install a 15” laptop pc
  • dimensions: 560 x 465 x 265 mm (22.0 x 18.3 x 10.4 in)
  • weight: 16kg (30lbs)

With external power, the surveillance enclosure can remain closed even with a computer in and next to the equipment for a day, a week, a month. Ideal for carrying out a full assessment of the condition of the most complex machines.

Monitoring of complex machines

The performance of the MVX /MV-120 allows monitoring of the most complex machine encountered in industrial processes:

  • up to 10 operating conditions can be defined with 1 or more process parameters.
  • data acquisition, indicators and alarm thresholds are instantly adapted to any operating condition.
  • stability parameters are set to ensure that each measurement is taken in proper condition.
Suitcase contents
  • High Impact Plastic koffer
  • Detector M7, 30mm unit CCD 2nd generation met ingebouwde Bluetooth
  • Detector S7, 30mm unit CCD 2nd generation met ingebouwde Bluetooth
  • ACOEM Fixturlaser Probe
  • ACOEM Fixturlaser WLS – draadloze tri-axiale trillingssensor
  • 2x Voor gemonteerde V-beugel met spanketting en 150mm stang
  • 2x Verlengketting
  • 1x Blok magneet
  • 1x Verzetbeugel
  • 2x Platte V-magneet
  • 1x Complee laadsysteem
  • 2x Rod tool

Technical specifications