Fixturlaser NXA Straightness

With the Fixturlaser NXA Straightness set, for example, you can align a propeller shaft shaft very accurately. The system is also suitable for measuring one axis straightness.

Fixturlaser offers various brackets and attachments for mounting both the laser source and the detector.

User-friendly measuring equipment

The graphical user interface is displayed on a 6.5″ transreflective display with accompanying icons and symbols, i.e. without text.
The adaptive user interface guides you through the measurement process.


Fixturlaser NXA Straightness
Geometric measurements

With the package for measuring straightness, you measure in two axes. The laser is used as a reference. The straightness of the object is measured by moving the receiver over the object to be measured. The Fixturlaser NXA straightness software directly calculates the straightness of the object to be measured, and can, for example, make a Best Fit for this.

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