When you make too little use of systems or tools to justify the purchase, you can rent the right equipment at Medir.

We have different types of systems and tools, so you can have the correct one in any situation.

Some of the benefits of renting are:
– No high investment
– Professional appearance
– Certainty of your measurement by annual calibration
– Fast and flexible
– Also available in Explosion-proof Version (EX)


Veelgestelde vragen over huur

What is the minimal rental period?

The minimal rental period for alignment equipment is 1 day.

Can systems be rented for longer periods?

Sure. Medir International rents systems from 1 day up to multiple months. Most systems have a price per day, price per week and price per month. Contact us if more information is needed.

Are all systems calibrated?

Yes, every system rented by Medir International comes with a valid calibration certificate. This means that the equipment has been calibrated in the last 12 months. Fixturlaser NXA systems, the most rented alignment equipment, are calibrated every six months.

Do systems come with accessories?

All systems are delivered with a set of accessoiries. Please contact us if you need anything special.

Can the equipment be shipped?

Equipment can be shipped by TNT Express, UPS, DHL or Fedex. Systems can be shipped overnight. In most European cities, it is possible to deliver the equipment before 10 ‘o clock the next day.

Can the equipment be picked up?

Medir Internatioal is opened between 7am and 17.30pm. For equipment picked up after 4pm, rental costs will start the next day. Equipment returned before 9am, will not be invoiced that day.

Do i need to make reservation for the equipment?

Because of the large rental fleet, it is not necessary to make a reservation.

Can I still have the system at home today?

Of course. Medir works together with an urgent courier service, which means that the system can often leave our warehouse within an hour. Of course it is also possible to pick up the system (immediately).

Do i need to have experience with shaft alignment equipment?

Medir International rents Fixturlaser laser alignment systems. This Swedish brand focusses on user-friendliness of their tools. The Fixturlaser NXA is the most user-friendly laser alignment system in the market. The user is led through the alignment on the large touchscreen. It is therefor not necessary to have experience with alignment systems.

Can I get an explanation of how the system works?

No problem. This can be explained when you pick up the system. This explanation takes about 15 minutes. The system itself is examined and then a measurement is made on a test set-up. There are no costs attached to this.
It is also possible to explain the equipment at your location (or your customer’s location). Please contact us for rates.

Shaft alignment

Equipment for the alignment of your machinery. Shaft alignment equipment is also available in EX version.

Condition Monitoring

Vibration measurement equipment for machine condition monitoring. Data collectors and analysers.

Shim Cases

Filled shim cases for alignment of machinery. Various sizes shims.

Hydraulic gear

Hydraulic jacks for lifting machinery during the alignment process.

3D Measurements

Rent of equipment for 3D measurements. E.g. Sokkia Totalstation and Leica lasertracker.

3D Scanning

Equipment for 3D scanning of environments (long range) or parts (short range).

3D Scanning (EX)

Long range EX 3D scanners. For 3D scans in ATEX environments.

CNC Geometry

Equipment for checking your CNC machines. These include leveling, straightness and squareness.