3D Measurements

Medir rents out various 3D measurement systems. This equipment is widely applicable because of its versatility. The 3D measurement systems are used, inter alia, for:

• The inspection of boreholes
• The measuring of machine lines in order to put them back elsewhere
• Robot calibration

All 3D measuring systems are equipped with a valid calibration certificate and user manuals. You will receive an explanation of the operation of the system when collecting the measuring equipment.

Total Station

Medir rents out the Sokkia NET05, the most accurate Total Station in the market. Measuring points are measured in a user-friendly manner with this system. These points can be transferred to a PC for further processing.

The Sokkia NET05 comes with a field book, tripod and various accessories, including measuring stickers.

Accuracy: up to +/- 0,10 mm

Laser Tracker

The Leica AT402 is a user-friendly laser tracker for highly accurate 3D measurements. The measuring points can be processed further with the supplied software.

Download the Leica AT402 brochure

The AT402 comes with a software dongle, tripod and various accessories.

Accuracy: up to +/- 0.05 mm