3D Scanning

A physical object can be digitised by using a 3D scanner. This is possible for small objects, but is also widely used for the generation of computer models of an environment.
The 3D scanners of Medir are used, inter alia, for:

• The inspection of product quality
• The (scaled) copying of objects
• Retrofits

3D scanners are widely applicable in the industry, maritime navigation, offshore, but also in the arts sector.

Surphaser 100HSX

The Surphaser 100HSX is one of the most accurate laser scanners in the market. The system is used for the scanning of environments from 1 to 50 metres. The point cloud is stored on a pc. This can later be converted to a variety of CAD file types.

Download the Surphaser 100HSX brochure

Accuracy: +/- 0.35 mm 5 metres

If desired, you can also appeal to the specialist engineers of Medir to take care of your 3D scan.