Medir provides all accessories you need to align your machine.

After the inspection of an alignment, it is possible that the machine has to be positioned. Medir sells crowbars and hydraulic tool to lift the machine. You can then position the machine with the Intershim shims or with Vibracons.

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Shaft alignment

Medir is importer and distributor of Fixturlaser alignment equipment for the Benelux.

Vibration measurements

Medir is importer and distributor of Adash vibration measurement tools for the Benelux.

3D Scanning

Equipment for 3D scanning of environments (long range) and/or small parts (short range).

3D Measurements

Equipment for 3D measurements.  Sokkia Totalstation and Leica lasertracker.

3D Scanning (EX)

Long range EX 3D scanners in. For 3D scans in ATEX environment.

Machines Tools Measurements

MEAX measurement equipment to check the geometry of your machine tools.


Medir sells various grouting products such as shims, special shims and Vibracons.


Hydraulic gear for lifting and spreading of machinery during an alignment.