Intershim® Shims

During the alignment of machines, the use of high-quality shims is crucial. An Intershim shim is made of high-quality stainless steel and is produced in the Netherlands.

Medir International BV is the official Intershim® distributor in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Intershim shims are availablein following sizes:
A 50 x 50 mm
B 75 x 75 mm
C 100 x 100 mm
D 125 x 125 mm
F 200 x 200 mm

0,05 – 0,075 – 0,10 – 0,125 –  0,20 – 0,25 – 0,40 – 0,50 – 0,70 – 1,00 – 2,00 – 3,00 mm

Download Intershim datasheet (PDF).

Customized shims

When the standard range of Intershim shims does not offer a sufficient solution, shims can be made to measure.

After submitting a sketch or drawing, you will receive an offer from us. After your approval, the shims are laser cut and post-processed.

Custom cut steel shims can be produced and delivered with very short delivery time.

Shim cases

Medir can supply various cases for transporting and organizing Intershim shims. Lightweight plastic cases that give the shims exactly the protection needed for accurate alignment.

The thickness dimensions of the shims are indicated in the cases in millimeters and inches, so that the case can be used nationally and internationally.

Medir offers A, B, C, D and F cases. All suitcases are available from stock. Suitcases can be delivered empty or filled.

Standard shims cases are also available for rent.

Customized shim cases

You can also put together your own ideal shim case. A lightweight, plastic case fits three different sizes of shims, in twelve different thicknesses.

For a custom shim case you can choose from sizes A, B, C and D. Any combination of sizes is possible. Do you want less than three sizes in the suitcase? No problem! We will then fill the case for you, so that it retains its strength and protective effect.

Please contact us for the possibilities.