Medir is Vibracon® distributor and has a large selection of Vibracons in stock.

The Vibracon adjustable element is a widely applied solution for shimming a machine. The element is used under sets of compressors, generators and pumps, propulsion systems and many other applications.

Vibracon types

Vibracon standard steel

Vibracon Original Steel

The original Vibracon. Available in 10 different sizes, from M12 to M72.


Vibracon Surface Treated

These Vibracons have undergone a surface treatment against corrosion.


Vibracon Low Profile

For use in limited space. These elements have undergone surface treatment against corrosion.


Vibracon Stainless Steel

Vibracon elements made from stainless steel 316L for the most demanding applications.


Vibracons are available in various measurements so you will always have the suitable Vibracon element. Low-profile Vibracons are also available, which fit under machines in case the area has a lower ceiling.

All the characteristics of the elements are stated in the specifications (PDF).