Medir has an experienced team of service engineers that can execute your alignment quickly and accurately.

You will receive a report after the measuring tasks.



Our service engineers can take over your shaft alignment. They have extensive experience in the aligning of, for example, a motor, pump, compressor, generator and gearbox in both the industry and maritime navigation.

Medir executes the following shaft alignments:

• Horizontal shaft alignment
• Vertical shaft alignment
• Cardan shaft alignment
• Machine train alignment

If you prefer to execute the shaft alignment yourself, you can rent alignment equipment.

Geometric measurements

Our service engineers can perform any geometric laser measurement quickly and accurately.

Medir performs the following geometric measurements:

  • Measuring straightness
  • Measuring boreholes
  • Measuring shaft shaft ducts
  • Measuring flatness
  • Measuring perpendicularity
  • Measuring parallelism

If you prefer to carry out a geometric measurement yourself, you can rent measuring equipment.

Geometrische metingen


Whether it pertains to the transmission of a timing belt or a V-groove pulley, the service engineers of Medir can execute the alignment of a belt drive for you.

If you prefer to execute the pulley alignment yourself rather, you can rent alignment equipment.