3D Measurements

Medir has an experienced team of engineers who can execute any 3D measurement quickly and accurately.
Examples of 3D measurements executed by Medir are, inter alia:

• The inspection of boreholes
• The measuring of machine lines in order to put them back elsewhere
• Robot calibration

Total Station

The Sokkia NET05 is the most accurate Total Station on the market. Measuring points are measured in a quick and accurate manner with this system. These points can be copied to a PC for further processing.

Accuracy: up to +/- 0.10 mm

The Sokkia NET05 can also be rented.

Laser Tracker

The Leica AT402 is a laser tracker for highly accurate 3D measurements. Medir has a team of experienced service engineers to execute measurements with a laser tracker.

Accuracy: up to +/- 0,05 mm