Fixturlaser EXO

The Fixturlaser EXO is an extremely user-friendly alignment system, suitable for measurements in EX zones. The core values ​​of Fixturlaser, simplicity and user-friendliness, can be found in the Fixturlaser EXO. The system has 30mm large detectors. Measurement results are displayed on an (ATEX) tablet.


The Fixturlaser EXO works with an app for use on ATEX tablets (tablet can be included). The user is guided through the alignment. The software is suitable for various measurements:

  • Horizontal Axis Alignment
  • Vertical Axis Alignment
  • Softfoot measurement
  • Thermal Growth Compensation
  • PDF report with your own logo


Stored readings are retrieved from the tablet via a cable, or (for example) Bluetooth or email.

A complete PDF report can consist of an 'as found' measurement, a softfoot measurement, a measurement after alignment and any photos. The report is provided with your own logo and other data.
Suitcase contents
Tablet EX
2 pcs of digital smart sensors EX
2 pcs of V-brackets, complete with chains EX
Rod kit
2 pcs of chains, 8 mm (length=970 mm)
Power cable, EU and US
USB cable with snap ferrite, A-mini, 2 m
Power supply 5 USB ports
3 pcs of USB cables A-mini B, 0,5 m
Tape measure 5 m
2 pcs of angled universal tools
Fixturlaser NXA manual – English version
Technical specifications
Fixturlaser EXO – Package with Case*
Weight including all standard parts 6,6  kg (14,6 lbs)
Storage temp -20 to 70°C ( -4 to 158°F)
Long term storage temp Room temp. 18 to 28°C (64 to 82°F)
Material Anodixed aluminum/plywood
Weight (empty) 4,0 kg (8,8 lbs)
Dimension 370 mm x 270 mm x 205 mm (14,6 in x
x 10,6 in x 8,1 in)
Digital Laser Sensors  
Housing Material Anodized Aluminum frame and high impact ABS plastic overmolded with TPE rubber
Operating Temp 0 to 50°C   (32 to 122°F)
Storage Temp -20 to 70°C ( -4 to 158°F)
Long term storage temp Room temp. 18 to 28°C (64 to 82°F)
Battery Charging Temp 5 to 40°C   (41 to 104°F)
Relative humidity 10 – 90%
Weight M4 Ex: 220 g (7,8 oz)
S4 Ex: 190 g (6,7 oz)
Dimensions 92 mm x 77 mm x 33 mm
(3,6 in x 3,0 in x 1,3 in)
Environmental protection IP 65 (Dust-tight and protected against water jets)
Laser 650 nm class II diode laser
Laser line fan angle
Laser line width (1/e2) 1.6 mm
Laser line divergence (full angle) 0.25 mrad
Laser power < 1 mW
Measurement distance Up to 5m
Detector 2nd gen. digital sensor
Detector length 30mm ( 1,2 in )
Detector angular subtense 30mrad/m (3mm/100mm per meter)
Detector resolution 1 µm
Measurement accuracy 0,3% ± 7 µm
Signal processing: Digital signal processing with sidespot rejection, edge detection, ambient light elimination, and anti-vibration mode
Ambient light protection Optical filtering and digital ambient light signal elimination
Inclinometer: Dual High-Performance MEMS inclinometers
Inclinometer resolution 0,01°
Inclinometer accuracy ±0,2°
Total measurement axis’s (M4+S4Ex units) 14
Wireless communication: Class I Bluetooth transmitter
Communication range 10 m (33 ft)
Peripherals – User accessible 1 USB Mini port (IP 67);

Charging: 5V, 0,5A

Power supply High-performance Li-Ion battery or external power.
Operating time: 12 hours continuous use (measuring)
Battery Charging time (system off, room temperature) 5 hours
LED indicators Unit state, laser transmission and 5 battery status indicators with instant battery check
Laser safety*  
Shaft brackets  
Fixture V-fixture with non-twisting chain, width 20 mm (0,79 in)
Material Anodized aluminum
Shaft diameter Ø 25-175 mm (1”-6.9”)
Ø 25-450 mm (1”-18”) (with extension chains)
Rods 4 pcs 100 mm (3,9 in) and
4 pcs 150 mm (5,9 in)
Extendable to 250 mm (9,8 in)
Tape measure 3 m (10ft) metric/imperial scale
 *Note:  Specifications are preliminary and subject to change