Fixturlaser AT-100

Laser alignment equipment is now accessible and affordable for everyone. Often a lower price means compromising on the user-friendliness or quality of the equipment, or even both. That does not apply to the Acoem Fixturlaser AT-100!

The Acoem Fixturlaser AT-100 is ideal for organizations with many engineers who align small pumps and/or electric motors.

Basic and user-friendly

The AT-100 is the result of nearly 40 years of ash alignment expertise and innovation, leveraging the latest technology to enhance your user experience.

The Fixturlaser AT-100 consists of two wireless detectors. To make alignment even easier for you, the detectors are already pre-assembled and set up in the most common set-up. The use of line lasers shortens the build-up time.

With the AT-100, ACOEM Fixturlaser complements its product family with an entry-level model. Integrated apps, patented technology and easy connectivity make the AT-100 an app-based alignment system.


The free software works on an iOS/Android tablet or phone and guides the user through the alignment process through icons. Each step is graphically depicted, so that no text or language problems can arise. The screen also clearly shows the current position of the machine and indicates when the alignment is ready. A report with all relevant information is automatically created and stored.

The Fixturlaser AT-100 has all the functionalities one would expect from an entry-level system. Download the brochure, and all other information, and discover what is possible with this system.

Suitcase contents

Each AT-100 is delivered with the following package:
• Sensor, M8/S8
• Rod kit NXA
• Chain 12,7 mm 60 links (L=500 mm)
• Tape measure 5 m
• V-bracket complete
• Angled universal tool – 1 pcs
• USB-cable A-mini B 2m
• Power supply 2 USB-ports 5 VDC

Technical specifications